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One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is that Ifa is about self empowerment and growth.


“As an Oluawo it is my charge to share my knowledge of Ifa with whomever is seeking to find their “truth” in life. ”

Chief Awodele Ifayemi, Founder

Meet Chief Awodele Ifayemi


Thank you for visiting my site. I’m Chief Awodele Ifayemi (Nestor Pabon), the Atunwase Awo of Ilobu Land. Please feel free to browse and I welcome any and all comments you may wish to share with me and others. Please follow the “Commenting Policy” while sharing your opinion about an article I’ve published.

This little website is my way of sharing my love, and understanding of Ifa.

Having said this much, I understand that many individuals have come to Ifa for many reasons, and others have stumbled upon Ifa unexpectedly. I do not refer to such experiences as a coincidence since it is my belief that “coincidences” do not exist.

I’ve been practicing Ifa since 1975 and every day is full of new lessons and rediscoveries.

I was initiated in the African Village of my Ancestor. My paternal grandparents practiced Ifa and I grew up following the principals of  “Iwa Pele” without knowing it as such. You see I was born in the US; Brooklyn to be exact. A few months after my birth my parents decided to live in Puerto Rico.

My parents believed in education and both my paternal and maternal side of my families served in the military. So once I completed my degree in Electrical Engineering I started my military career in the Marine Corps. Eventually, I transfer to the Army in pursuit of more opportunities for advancement and retired after 20 years of service to my country. I continued working in the Corporate world and eventually retired from my Engineering Career. Ever since I’ve been a full-time practicing Babalawo serving my community.

While a member of “Corporate America” one of my main responsibilities was teaching others how to design, deploy and maintain information technologies. This experience taught me much about how people learn and has served me well in helping others understand Ifa via my Ifa Training Program. Click here to learn more about it.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years is that Ifa is about self-empowerment and growth. The type of empowerment which one finds via Ifa allows you to grow beyond your expectations, heck for that matter beyond anyone’s expectations. This growth is not about money or stature; it’s about spiritual growth. The kind of growth that helps you shine from within. It’s the kind of growth that keeps you feeling joyful and positive. This kind of growth is contagious and very attractive. As such you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people and even people who will want to promote you so that others can benefit from what you have to share.

By way of example take the blessing I received from James Weeks.

James is the Producer of the site “Across The Kings River“. It is a beautifully done site which you should visit.

James contacted me via this blog and his message was:

“Just wanted to say you have a nice blog. I have a humble suggestion, though. And it’s just a suggestion. Consider including a tab on your menu bar so that folks know who you are. A short bio and at least a photo. I looked but didn’t see one. You might get more readers, more interaction and more divination clients. Just a friendly suggestion.

But I think it will improve business for you. Blessings and keep up the great work”.

How about that. A Dupe James!

It is by his suggestion that this page exists.

As an Oluawo it is my charge to share my knowledge of Ifa with whoever is seeking to find their “truth” in life. We all have a “truth” which when expressed lights us up like the stars in a clear night. That “truth” spells out why we are here, and what we were born to do in this lifetime. You have had a glimpse of that truth already. Have you had a moment in your life when you were totally and completely full of joy? We all have, I challenge you to take a few minutes or as long as it takes for you to recall such an instance. That one experience was your glimpse into your blissfulness. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What was I doing that brought me joy?
  • What was I doing right before that?
  • Was I with someone?
  • Was it because of that someone I was joyful?
  • Can I reenact that moment?

Everyone has had that experience. You just have to stop and recall them, they are there; just waiting to tell you “see, this is what you are supposed to be doing with your life. Look at how happy you are when you do this.”

I find joy in helping others find their “Truth”

Ifa divination is the single most important technology we have received to help us communicate with that source of knowledge which has the wisdom and love to guide us in our pursuit of happiness. I believe that everyone has a right to be happy, and I believe that happiness is found within us. We all come from a source of greatness a source of abundant love. I believe that love is happiness; because we become the greatest manifestation of ourselves when we are in love and feel loved.

The problem with joy and love is that often times we fail to understand and accept that these feelings are everlasting when they are born from within. When we depend on someone else to validate us by showing us love or by making us happy with what they do for us or what they give us, then we become like an empty vessel which is only filled by someone else. Finally, when we pour our joy back into them we find that once again we are empty and without substance.

Many young people come to me seeking advice about their relationships. I find that the principal reason behind relationship failures is that we jump into them without having learned how to live with ourselves. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t know how to care for yourself; how on earth can you expect others to know you and how can you expect to take care of someone else successfully?

Perhaps the greatest divination session you can give yourself or someone you love is a “Life Path Reading

A Life Path Reading – helps you find your real talents and creative skills, financial abilities, the direction you should take in life and the areas in which you are likely to do well.

Understand why you are attracted to and attract certain individuals. Your Life Path Reading will include:

  • Your essential character
  • Your intuitive nature
  • The way you communicate and relate to others
  • What you value in life
  • The focus of your energy
  • Your attitudes and beliefs
  • Coming to terms with your limitations
  • How to make the most of your individuality
  • What inspires, motivates and challenges you
  • How you will change and develop in the years ahead

As a Babalawo, I see my purpose as helping my clients achieve self-empowerment. It is not my goal to make you depend on me for every aspect of your life. I do not want you to call on me to help you make a decision or to help you solve a problem. I am here to teach you how to tap into the knowledge of your Ancestors and your Guiding Spirits in order to help you solve your own problems. I understand that there will be times when you will need my assistance, but it will be your Ancestors or Guiding Spirits which will tell you to call upon me.

It is your Birth Right to call upon your Ancestors and Guiding Spirits to come to your assistance.

It is my job to empower you with this knowledge. That is my role in our life.

Divination plays a crucial role in helping you become self-empowered. In order to have a very successful divination session, you must prepare yourself for your divination session. Asking Ifa questions during divination is extremely important, but you must think in advance over the questions you are going to ask. For instance; the following question:

Will I find the love of my life? I would recommend you change your question, because the answer you will receive may not be fulfilled within your expected time frame. Perhaps a better question would be, what must I do in order to attract that person who is born to be the love of my life.

Let me leave you with the following thought.

You are in total control of everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in your life.

How is this possible? The answer may surprise you….

That which you invest your thoughts, emotions, and actions into will become manifested.

Ogbó àtó Asure Ìwòrìwòfún.

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